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First published: October 2015

You don't need to be a devotee of rock-climbing to be captivated by the photography of Simon Carter.

This ingenious, internationally renowned rock-climbing photographer has just published his latest Blue Mountains guidebook – Blue Mountains Climbing 2015 edition.

"This book is every climber’s essential companion to one of Australia’s most popular climbing areas," says Simon.  “Extensive coverage of the region combined with quality information make it key to maximising your enjoyment of this huge climbing area.”

The book details some 3200 routes at 55 crags. There are hundreds of action and cliff topo photographs and access maps for every crag.

This new edition is much more than just an update to the 2010 Edition that’s been out of print for a year.

“It describes 500 more routes than the 2010 edition,” says Simon. “Some of these routes are at the seven new areas described (The Pit, Elphinstone, Red Point, The Nest, The Soft Parade, Bell and Dalpura Head) and some of them are at existing areas. For example, Sublime Point has seen the addition of over 50 new routes!”

Hundreds of hours of work have gone into redesigning and reformatting the Guide to improve usability. The book is now with the printers and will be available at the end of November. You can order it online.

Most Blue Mountains residents have no idea how celebrated their Mountains are among the international climbing community. A good deal of that fame is due to Simon Carter’s spectacular pictures in climbing magazines, calendars and coffee table books.

As you’ll see in the video that opens this story, he’s developed spectacular devices to place him in the best spot for the best shot.

“My dream is not just to photograph the climb but to try to create an image which shows how spectacular the climb and the setting really is — and which celebrates its uniqueness,” he says.

Simon sums up those images: “Ordinary people doing extraordinary things in spectacular places.”

See a lot more of Simon Carter’s work on his website where climbing and photography meet.


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